In case having actual lesson plans ideas that support the standards isn’t enough, here you will find helpful videos, articles, and resources to show what is happening in actual classrooms across the world!

The proverbial YouTube video detailing “Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?” If you have been to any site about using Minecraft in schools, you will probably find this video! Mike Rugnetta does an excellent job of overviewing the countless ways that Minecraft can be used in schools.

Here is a research article about Does Game Based Learning Really Work? 

From the Minecraft EDU site, real world examples of how Minecraft is being used in schools.

BBC News article: Why Minecraft is more than just another video game. 

An article from Tranforming the Way We Learn: Why Minecraft is an Amazing Tool.  This link also has examples to go along with specific subject areas.

Edutopia has a few Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom.

Interesting article about Minecraft, but the really good stuff is at the bottom. An interview with Liam O’Donnell who uses Minecraft in the elementary classroom.

Awesome YouTube clip detailing how the American Museum of Natural History is using Minecraft to teach students and how they link it to their actual exhibits.

Even the United Nations is jumping on the Minecraft wagon and giving kids the chance to use the game as an urban planning tool. They are letting kids get a say in redesigning areas of the world!

An hour long YouTube video from the Institute of Play detailing examples of how Minecraft has been used in education and why it is such a great game to use in education.

A wiki group to join and browse called Gaming Educators packed full of resources and examples.

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