16. People use money to buy and sell good and services.

This is a lesson that can be built upon and made more complex every year.

Minecraft includes many goods that can be provided, wood, stone, tools, etc.

There are also tasks in Minecraft that can be a service, such as turning wood into planks. Then turning the planks into sticks. Then turning the sticks into tools.

Students can be given a specific resources they have to get or create. Students should trade items back and forth to get what they need or want. For example, if a student wanted a wooden pickaxe, they would need to cut the wood, go to a crafter who could create the planks. Once the planks are made they can take the planks to get turned into sticks by another crafter. Finally they could go to one last crafter that would assemble the pickaxe. The original block of wood that was a good used many other services to become the pickaxe.

To extend the lesson to go with the standard, the process can be shortened. Students who have earned “currency” can just pay for the finished product directly.

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