Production and Consumption

17. A consumer is a person whose wants are satisfied by using goods and services. A producer makes good and/or provides services.

If you have created communities, the next step could be to have students pick jobs. For example, one student is responsible for chopping wood, another is responsible for mining rocks, another is responsible for farming etc. Those students should be able to see they they are collecting goods, making them a producer.

Students can then begin to trade goods for other items and possibly even services. One way to do this is have a student who provides a service that creates a good that another student needs. For example, the student who chops wood would chop faster if they used a wooden axe instead of just their hands. That student can use the services of the axe-maker to obtain an axe.

Another example, it would be much more efficient for a student to be a transporter. They could offer the service of taking as much wood as their inventory will handle to “town” for storage or trade. This would be an example of another service provided.

Finally students who use certain materials, (to build a home, etc.) they would need to realize that they are using up the material and being a consumer. When they use up the items they collected or traded for, they consume the material for things they need or want.

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