4. The 13 colonies came together around a common cause of liberty and justice, uniting to fight for independence during the American Revolution and to form a new nation.

This is where you can start to have some real fun!

An example of this one would be to make sure that the students all begin on an island. They will be working for you, the teacher, the king/queen. Every 5 minutes of play, they will have to give you half of the items in their inventory. Also, students should work on creating shelters but be confined to one side of the island, they should not be allowed to go to any other parts of the island. Students should play this way for 15 – 30 minutes, or until they begin to realize that this is really unfair for them.

They can then get in boats and leave the island and go find new land. They can discuss why they wanted to go to the new land. What did they want to get away from? Why did they feel they were being treated unfairly?

Students can then begin to create communities in their new land and create their own laws and rules for their communities (could even try to have 13 new colonies.)


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