Counting & Cardinality

4. Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.

  • When counting objects, say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object.
  • Understand that the last number name said tells the number of objects counted. The number of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they were counted.
  • Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.

Teachers will have to do a little pre-planning for this one. In the world created or in a student’s world, a teacher will have to place a certain amount of bricks placed in the world. This can be in shapes, groups or a straight line even. Have students count aloud the number of each block as they count it. When the student is done counting the blocks, the teacher can ask “How many blocks are there in all?” Then the teacher can add a block to the grouping and have the student answer “How many blocks are in the group now?”

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