2nd Grade

Historical Thinking and Skills

1. Time can be shown graphically on calendars and timelines.

2. Change over time can be shown with artifacts, maps and photographs.


3. Science and technology have changed daily life.

4. Biographies can show how peoples’ actions have shaped the world in which we live.

Spatial Thinking and Skills

5. Maps and their symbols can be interpreted to answer questions about location of places.

Places and Regions

6. The work that people do is impacted by the distinctive human and physical characteristics in the place where they live.

Human Systems

7. Human activities alter the physical environment, both positively and negatively.

8. Cultures develop in unique ways, in part through the influence of the physical environment.

9. Interactions among cultures lead to sharing ways of life.

Civic Participation and Skills

10. Personal accountability includes making responsible choices, taking responsibility for personal actions and respecting others.

11. Groups are accountable for choices they make and actions they take.

Rules and Laws

12. There are different rules that govern behavior in different settings.

Economic Decision Making and Skills

13. Information displayed on bar graphs can be used to compare quantities.


14. Resources can be used in various ways.

Production and Consumption

15. Most people around the world work in jobs in which they produce specific goods and services.


16. People use money to buy and sell good and services.

Financial Literacy

17. People earn income by working.

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