Welcome to Lessons4Minecraft!

My name is Shelly Predmore and I am hoping to envoke some teaching creativity with this website.

I work for Perrysburg Schools in Perrysburg, Ohio. I teach a course called S.T.E.M. at 2 elementary buildings. I see all students, K-4, in those 2 buildings and we work on advancing our technology skills. We are also beginning to incorporate S.T.E.M. concepts as well. If you haven’t heard about S.T.E.M., it is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

I am also an avid gamer. Getting my first Super Nintendo and playing Super Mario Brothers was a life changing event for me! My Dad quickly recognized how much I loved video games and all the technology involved. He made sure to always keep me up to date with technology.

Along comes my husband, of course, another avid gamer. He introduced me to Minecraft. I had heard some students talking about the game, but had no idea what it was! My husband and I began playing when it came out for the XBox 360. The very first day we got it, we played for hours without even realizing it! What an amazing world Minecraft had shown us!

We have continued to play but it wasn’t until my students started asking if we could play Minecraft in school that I really even began to think of the game’s educational possibilities. I started to sift through our newly adopted Common Core Standards and quickly realized how easily some of the activities in Minecraft aligned with these standards.

I began scouring the Internet for resources and there are some, but not enough! This site was created as a space for me to organize my findings and hopefully share with others interested in this as well.

My next steps are to present this website and the lessons plans I have found to my district and see if I would be allowed to have Minecraft in school. I am hoping this site can be not only my tool, but a tool for other teachers when they are trying to start the same journey. Why reinvent the wheel if I can create it for you here!

In December of 2017 I was selected to be a Global Minecraft Mentor. I am very excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to begin sharing my lessons with the world.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas! Also, if you have created a lesson plan you would like me to post here, I am more than willing to do that and will give you proper credit!

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: lsns4minecraft